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FOR SALE: House - Palawan
175 S.QM.
FOR SALE: House Palawan
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Slice a Piece of Your Own Paradise in Fernvale, Coron, Palawan.... Fernvale Living and Leisure Village is Palawan's one-of-a-kind leisure community, with multiple facilities and options for its residents, top-notch infrastructure, and underground utilities. Fernvale will have three membership clubs for its residents. 1. The Fernvale Leisure Club, now open, has a big clubhouse and a vast multilevel swimming pool with fountains, bridges, waterfall, bubble bay, and little islands. 2. The Fernvale Sports Club will be built next, and will have tennis, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, and badminton courts, an indoor game room, a fitness center, and a cafe. 3. The Fernvale Boat Club will be a full-service marina for residents' private boats, with a clubhouse and a range of amenities and conveniences. Fernvale is ideally located in Coron. Fronting both sides of the National Highway, it is only 10 minutes from downtown and 30 minutes from the airport, yet with a world apart in ambiance. The first phase is now 98% complete and already has residents. PRICE RANGES: A. LOT ONLY 1. Minor road regular lot: Lot area 175 sq.m (1,883 sq.ft); P12,730 per sq.m; Lot Price P2,227,750 (US$ 42,726) 2. Minor road Corner lot : Lot area 247 sq.m (2,657.72 sq.ft); P17,170 per sq.m ; Lot Price P4,240,990 (US$81,338) 3. Minor road regular big lot : Lot area 400 sq.m (4,304 sq.ft); P11,070 per sq.m; Lot Price P4,428,000 (US$84,925) 4. Major road regular big lot : Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761) 5. Minor road semi-commercial/Club view lot: Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761) 4. Major road commercial-Club view lot: Lot area 1000 sq.m (10,760 sq.ft); P18,620 per sq.m; Lot Price P18,620,000 (US$357,115 ) B. HOUSE and LOT PACKAGES ON A 175 SQ.M (1,883 sq.ft) LOT 1. BUNGALOW MODEL 1.1 CAPRI; Single Storey; Floor Area: 55.5 sq.m (597.18 sq.ft) ; 2 bedrooms; P 4,440,325.46 (US$ 84,740) 2. 1 AMALFI ; Single Storey; Floor Area: 70.80 sq.m (761.81 sq.ft); 3 bedrooms; P4,822,000 (US$ 92,022) 2. PREMIERE 2 STOREY 2.1 FERRARA ; 2 Storey; Floor Area: 74.5 sq.m (804.31 sq.ft) ; 3 bedrooms; P5,015,861 (US$ 95,722) 2.2 RAVENNA ; 2 Storey; Floor Area: 110.3 sq.m (1,186 sq.ft); 3 bedrooms; P5,832,582 (US$ 111,309) 2.2 TAMARIND ; 2 Storey; Floor Area: 210.80 sq.m (2,268.21 sq.ft); 4 bedrooms; P10,559,008 (US201,508) C. Two-storey Marinetto Houses are designed to double as your private residence on one floor and a bed and breakfast on the other floor. 3.1 BOHOL; Two Storey; Floor Area: 191.80 sq.m (2,063.77sq.ft) ; 4 bedrooms; P10,167,971.69 (US$ 194,045) 3.2 PALAWAN ; Two Storey; Floor Area: 158.70 sq.m (1,707.61 sq.ft); 6 bedrooms; P 10,042,631.80 (US$ 191,653) 3.3 SAMAR; Two Storey; Floor Area: 281 sq.m (3,023.56 sq.ft); 6 bedrooms; P12,322,638 (US$ 235,164) D. 3-storey Escala house designs. These houses have a separate flat-type household for each floor, all connected by a common staircase, which is the frontal feature of the house, hence the name Escala. Each floor is a separate household complete with living, dining, kitchen, 2-3 bedrooms, and 1-3 bathrooms. Some have verandas or a porch. These houses are ideal for a bed-and-breakfast business in the secure and beautiful surroundings of Fernvale, where your guests can avail of the many exclusive amenities, depending on your deal with the developer. 4.1 TCHAIKOVSKY; THREE Storey; Floor Area: 348.50 sq.m (3,749.86 sq.ft) ; 6 bedrooms; P 12,533,372.84 (US$ 239,186) 4.2 BRAHMS; THREE Storey; Floor Area: 244.90 sq.m (2,635.12 sq.ft) ; 9 bedrooms; P12,612,146.38 (US$ 240,690) 4.3 ARIARA; THREE Storey; Floor Area: 386.3 sq.m (4,156.58 sq.ft) ; 9 bedrooms; P 17,845,666.66 (US$ 340,566) PLUS MANY MORE MODEL SELECTION DEPENDING ON YOUR OWN TASTE OF DESIGN... Note: Our developer is very flexible and can also customize for you your own taste of Modern Asian design home based on your target budget and layout that you like. THESE ARE SOME OF THE LIST OF TOO MANY DESTINATION TOURS THAT YOU WILL LOVE IN CORON: Maquinit Hot Spring Calumbuyan Island Sites 1. King Fisher Mangrove Garden, Mangrove forest and Bird sanctuary. 2. Sangat Rock Formation, Sangat magnificent limestone rock formation. 3. Coral Bay Garden, Protected coral and fish sanctuary. 4. Japanese Shipwreck, WW2 Sunken Japanese Shipwrecks near Coral garden. 5. Calumbuyan Island, Relax and swim at Calumbuyan Island 6. Pass Island, island with pristine white sand shoreline. 7. Pearl Farm, open area pearl farm. Coron Island Loop Sites 1. Dimanglet Island, Also called Sunshine Beach, White sand shoreline. 2. Coral Garden Reef, Coral sanctuary, snorkeling and fish feeding activities. 3. Atuwayan Beach, Another pristine beach near skeleton Ship wreck. 4. Skeleton Ship Wreck, 15-20 meters sunken WWII Japanese shipwreck. 5. Banol Beach, cove pure white sand with magnificent panoramic view. 6. 91 Beach, Another white sand beach, near banol beach area. 7. Diwata lagoon, lushes with mangrove, captures some picture. 8. Twin Lagoon, small cave opening where warm and cold water meet. 9. Barracuda Lake, This is recommended for deep water divers. 10. Sampaloc Beach, also called Vivian Beach, r pristine white sand Beach. 11. Twin Peaks Reef, also known as Smith Point, vast coral sanctuary. 12. Siete Picados, A group of 7 islets, confined Coral reef and fish haven. 13. Kayangan Lake, dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. 14. Wishing Lagoon, Hidden lagoon with astonishing volcanic rock formation. *** PLUS MANY MORE... HURRY! BUY NOW WHILE PRICE ARE STILL LOW! FAST-RISING LAND VALUE! GOOD RENTAL INCOME!
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